Most people in Port Richey treat their pets as part of their family. In addition to buying them plush beds and giving their pets quality foods, pet owners try to make their homes as comfortable as possible. One of how you can do that is to regulate the temperature of your home. Because dogs and cats aren’t as adept at regulating their body temperature, you need to help them. By keeping your home at the appropriate temperature, you can make them healthier and happier. Learn more about how your HVAC system can help and what an HVAC service can do for the comfort of your pets.

Finding the Best Temperature

So, what is the best temperature for your pets? There are a few variables that affect the answer to this question. If you want to keep it general, the ideal range for dogs is between 69 and 78 degrees. But that’s just the ideal temperature range, and they are capable of living in a range of 32 and 105 degrees.
Meanwhile, cats are more demanding. If you own cats, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Cats are very particular, and their temperature needs are more specific. You should aim to keep your home between 86 and 96 degrees when it’s warm outside. During the fall and winter, try to keep your home between 78 and 80 degrees for your feline friends.
Some cats might prefer warmer weather, while others might prefer it a little cooler. You need to be in tune with your pet’s needs.

Why the Temperature Matters

No matter how much you love your pets, you probably have some questions about their needs. After all, there’s a fine line between spoiling your pet and giving them a quality life.
When it comes to temperature, the safety of your pets is on the line. Keep in mind that dogs can easily overheat in the summer weather because they have thick fur. They are also incapable of sweating, so they can’t cool down. The only way in which dogs can cool down is to pant, and this alone isn’t enough to keep them cool. If it’s too warm in your home, your dog may not be able to survive.
Meanwhile, cats face similar challenges. They can’t sweat like dogs. When a home is too hot, there’s not much a cat can do to control their body temperature.

Other Factors that Matter

Whether you have a dog or cat, you should know that the breed affects their ability to regulate temperature. For instance, pugs are particularly sensitive to heat. They have short snouts and can’t pant well enough to stay cool. Sphinx cats are vulnerable to cold and need to remain warm at all times.
You need to look beyond breeds. Every animal is unique and has its tolerance levels. Furthermore, the age of your pet can affect its ability to handle extreme temperatures. As pets age, their tolerance usually decreases.

Can Fans Substitute for Your AC?

Your AC makes up a major portion of your utility bill. As a result, you might not be too happy about having to keep your home cool for pets. It would be much more affordable to keep your thermostat set high in the summer and low in the winter.
Instead of using your HVAC system, you may opt to use a fan in the summer. Unfortunately, this won’t make your home cooler for your pets. Fans make people cooler because they remove heat directly from your skin. But pets have fur, and they don’t sweat. This makes fans ineffective on dogs and cats.
If you can’t get your AC cool enough to keep your pets comfortable, you could consider using a portable air conditioner. You should also speak with an HVAC repair service to find out better ways to keep your home comfortable for everyone. They might suggest a new HVAC system, a mini-split, or a tune-up.

Does a Space Heater Work?

In the winter, you might be tempted to use a space heater. Once again, this isn’t a solution to your heating and cooling needs. A portable heater might keep your pet warm, but it comes with a high risk.
If your pet knocks over the heater or pushes an object too close to it, a fire could start. You should never leave a pet alone with a space heater, nor should you leave a room with one running.

Other Options for Heating and Cooling Your Pets

There are a few other options people use to keep their pets comfortable. For instance, some owners use portable ACs to drop the temperature in a room. If you keep your pet in one room of the house, you can use a portable air conditioner to drop the temperature. Although this is a viable solution, it doesn’t help you in the winter.

Other people opt to use a split-level system to have zone heating and cooling. This is a year-round solution but does require a new HVAC installation. Alternatively, you can build a doghouse with climate control. This works great for outside dogs but won’t help you with your cats or with dogs that stay inside all day.

Putting Your Pets First

When homeowners think of the temperature in their home, they usually think of their comfort. But it could be time to put your pets first and consider their needs. Although you might not be home during the day, your pets are. They probably won’t be too content for the house to be set at 84 degrees.

If your air conditioner or heater doesn’t seem to keep your home comfortable enough for your pets, there could be a problem with your HVAC system.

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