When a season comes to an end, your AC may get a short reprieve. But that doesn’t mean you can forget about your HVAC system. At the end of the season, your air conditioning in Tampa needs some attention. And that means grading your AC and taking the necessary steps to improve its performance. You might need to repair or replace your AC to make the next season more tolerable.

How Can You Grade Your AC?

It’s easy enough to grade a multiple-choice test or grade a true or false quiz. But how do you grade an AC? Doing so is easier than you might imagine and involves you thinking about how it performed after a season of heavy use. In Tampa, that could mean any season.
To grade your AC, you need to consider several details. For one, think about the temperature in your home. Was it always a little warmer than you’d like, or did the AC seem to correspond well with the thermostat? Another crucial detail is the energy bill. When you used your AC daily, did your energy bill skyrocket? While everyone sees an increase in energy use when they use their AC more, the increase shouldn’t be astronomical.
Perhaps the most important detail is the frequency you needed AC repair in Tampa. How many times did you need to call for repairs? If you have your local HVAC technician on speed dial, your AC didn’t perform well. To learn more about grading your AC, check out this grading guide:

A Grade

Earning an A is hard work, but your AC is capable of making the grade. If you didn’t have any issues with your AC during an entire season, it could be worthy of a perfect score. In addition to not needing any repairs, your AC needs to have performed well. Think about how your energy bills were and whether your system made any unusual sounds.
Despite the challenges that come with earning an A grade, it’s possible if you take care of your system. With annual maintenance, your system can function the way it should. You’re less likely to need repairs, and you can improve your AC’s efficiency. No matter what, don’t let the high score fool you. Even an AC that scores an A needs maintenance. If you fail to keep up with your maintenance, your system won’t score well the following season.
Regular maintenance doesn’t mean looking over your system from afar or simply changing out your filters. While that’s useful, you need the assistance of an experienced professional.

B Grade

If your system scored a B, it did well but not well enough. It might have kept your home comfortable but seemed to work a little too hard to achieve the desired temperature. Or it needed one minor repair. In either case, your AC could do better to keep your home at an appropriate temperature.
Your system could also warn a B if it was snowing signs, it needed repair work. For instance, it might be making strange noises. Knocking, banging, and rattling are all signs you need a repair. Additionally, sudden changes in your system warrant attention. Did it start taking longer to cool your home? Is the air warm as it blows out of the vent?
While a B grade is good enough to cool you off, it’s not enough to promise future success. To ensure your system remains in working order, you should call for AC repair in Tampa. Putting off service only means you’re more likely to experience a serious issue shortly.

C Grade

When you were in school, you probably weren’t too satisfied with a C. At the very least, your parents weren’t very happy with it. And just as they probably did something about your study habits, you should do something about your HVAC’s performance.
An AC earns a grade of C by underperforming. It might not cool your home quickly or only blow out hot air. If your system broke down more than once or entirely failed you, it also deserves a C. The future of your HVAC system could be very grim.
If your AC scores this grade, there are only two options to salvage your next summer. First, you could opt to have someone inspect your AC and perform the necessary repairs. But this alone may not be enough to save your HVAC. Your system could be close to your lifespan. As a result, your system will continue to need more repairs.
The other option is to replace your AC. If your system is close to ten years of age, it’s probably on its last leg. The only way to avoid future trouble is to replace your system. In the long run, doing so could save you on repairs and prevent you from loving without your AC when you need it.

D Grade

If you lived without cold air for a few days or had a high repair bill, your system failed you. It deserves a D, and you need to act quickly. There’s something very wrong with your system. Even if you had a repair done, you’re not in the clear. It could be only a few weeks before you experience more issues
Did your system score a D? If so, you should start looking for a reputable HVAC contractor. They can inspect your system and offer advice on a replacement.

F Grade

If you were dissatisfied with your AC and left to sweat away the season, your system earned an F. This means it’s time to call an HVAC professional for help. Although you might not know what to do about your system, a technician can.

Keep Your Air Conditioning in Tampa Scoring Well

Whatever grade your AC received, you can be sure it needs attention. Annual maintenance is the only way to ensure your AC works well. And here at Comfort All-Stars, we can help you keep your air conditioning in Tampa performing at its peak. Call us today to learn more.

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