Marie Prayer

marie marie: Please pray that the landlord and owner of this house will agree to a new roof of powered steel which is really needed. the old roof is 65 years old and absolutely had it. We are living in a house where the tiles are cracked and let in water bringing in black mould and making us here very sick. Please pray that the drainage on this land will be fixed urgently. 100 points of rain due tomorrow, the drainage will not cope with it all. We need proper in ground drains done immediately. It is a very wet summer. The owner does not want to do any of the work due to cost. Please plead the blood of Jesus over myself, son, this property, the entrance ways, our beds, and rooms. Please pray for the angelic forces from heaven to surround this house, our rooms our property to keep home invasions out, property invasions out, and anyone who feels like standing outside this property screaming abuse all through the night is to move on. Not to stand outside this property under any circumstances. They are moved on. We are absolutely protected. Thank you very much God bless Marie grace

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