Noah Ahmed Prayer

Noah Ahmed: Please pray for my mom. She has been so sad and depressed everyday. She is broken and still heart broken over my ear her health is not very good. My dad cheated on her and she ended up having four mini strokes. Please pray for her she is deep need please pray that she finds a good friend or two and please pray for this move that she loves it and looks forward to it. Please pray she finds the Lord and finds peace and pray that she recovers with her health and mental health and wellness too. Please also pray she gets into a church well both of us get into one. Please help her and I to make it financially we are struggling really hard to make it through with extra money and we are hurting through all this COVID stuff going on and we need a shoulder to lean on and cry on. We need someone to confide in.. Please Lord have mercy especially on my mom during this time she doesn’t even want to live she doesn’t know why she is living or what she has to live for. Please provide for us God we need people in our life and please pray she can find a hobby or a job hopefully both she has bad arthritis all over and her hands and not sure what kind she can do that she will actually enjoy so please pray and pray for a miracle. Me and her are experiencing COVID symptoms and have been exposed please pray continuously I am scared I and my friend got tested negative but still are experiencing please

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