If your home isn’t a new build, you could find yourself in need of an electrician in Tampa. Even relatively new homes could encounter electrical problems. To keep your household safe and your home comfortable, you need to work quickly to resolve your issues. But do you know when to call the electrical contractors in Tampa, FL? Find out the top ten reasons you should call for help.

  1. Your Breakers Trip regularly
    Are you tired of making trips to the fuse box to flip breakers back over? If so, you should save yourself the frustration and call an electrician. You could fault a circuit. To prevent your circuits from drawing more current than they can safely deliver, you need to have an electrician in Tampa inspect your fuse box. Failing to do so could put your home in danger. If left unrepaired, the issue could cause a fire.
  2. Flickering Lights
    In horror movies, flickering lights inspire fear. And while flickering lights might not indicate that something bad is about to happen, they are a sign that something is wrong with your home’s electricity. If your lights flicker when more than one appliance is in use, you could benefit from working with a professional. You may need to add a dedicated circuit for an appliance that requires high amounts of current, or a 20-amp line to provide current to smaller appliances.
  3. Too Many Extension Cords and Plug Strips
    Do you have so many plug strips and extension cords in your home that they’re incorporated with your decor? Unfortunately, they could become hazards in your home. Cords draped under carpets can easily cause a slip and fall accident. Furthermore, using power strips the wrong way or overloading an outlet can cause serious problems for you. Your electrical system is working too hard.

    If you want to plug in all of your devices safely, you need more outlets. You should install more circuits with double receptacles. To eliminate the extension cords, you can install outlets closer to where you need them. Once you hire one of the electrical contractors in Tampa, FL, you can connect all of your appliances and say goodbye to your mess of cords.

  4. You Have Too Many Two-Prong Outlets
    Years ago, homes didn’t need to have too many three-prong outlets. There were different safety requirements, so having grounded appliances wasn’t a priority. Two prong outlets were once thought to be safe enough.

    Today, things are different. If you want to keep your home safe, you need three-prong outlets for three-prong, grounded appliances. You also need the outlets to be able to plug in your microwave and other appliances.

  5. Your Home’s Electric Doesn’t Meet Safety Minimums
    As technology has improved, electrical safety standards have become more stringent. If you have an older home, your current electrical system may not meet the minimum requirements. In addition to putting your household in danger, this lack of compliance could hurt you when it’s time to sell your home. The issue will come up during a home inspection and could ruin the sale or affect the value of your home.

    You might not know about the issues until it’s too late. So, your best bet is to consult with an electrician. If your switch covers or outlets have pieces of rubber underneath them or your wires are covered in cloth, you need to update your home’s wiring.

  6. Your Electrical Surfaces are Warm
    Warm outlets and switches are bad news. If you feel any warmth coming from your electrical surfaces, it’s time to pick up the phone and call an electrician in Tampa. You should do the same if you notice blackening near outlets or if an outlet gives you a mild shock.

    There are a few potential causes of your warm electrical surfaces. One of the simplest problems to resolve is too high of a draw on the circuit. However, other causes are much more serious. For instance, you could have aluminum wiring. Whatever the cause of your warm surfaces may be, you need an electrician to troubleshoot your wiring.

  7. You Don’t Have GFCIs
    If you look at your outlets near water, you should see Ground Fault Circuit Interrupted, also known as GFCIs. They are necessary for your safety but aren’t always installed in older homes. In newer homes, owners should test their GFCIs to ensure that they work.

    Homes without GFCIs are not compliant with current codes. To bring your home up to date, you need to call an expert and have them install GFCIs.

  8. Your Service Panel Has Rust
    Your main service panel needs to remain in great shape. But this doesn’t always happen. If rust or moisture appears on your service panel, there could be a problem somewhere in your electrical system. Once again, you shouldn’t just let the issue persist. At the first sign of rust, you should call for an inspection.
  9. Your Home is Aging
    Unlike fine wine, a home doesn’t get better with time. If your home is over 25 years old, you could be living in dangerous conditions. Your home needs a wiring upgrade, or there’s a chance you’ll be a victim of a house fire. Even if there is no fire, your older wiring is unlikely to meet your electrical needs. The only exception to this is for homes that have already been upgraded.

    Although an electrical upgrade is costly, it keeps your home safe. It also adds value to your home, which puts more money in your pocket when it’s time to sell your property.

  10. You Have Questions for an Electrician in Tampa
    You don’t need to know what the problem is before you call an electrician. If you have any questions or concerns about your electrical system, call your local expert. By doing so, you can keep your home safe and prevent an issue from getting worse.

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