On Groundhog Day 2020, the groundhog known as Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for only the 20th time in the 124 years of the event’s recorded history! It’s the perfect time to ask if AC repair Tampa may be needed before the warmth of spring and the heat of summer. Tampa, Florida, truly is the perfect place to avoid a hot day with no AC.

You can thank yourself for good judgment by making sure your air conditioning system will crank right up on every scorching hot day of the season. Professional air conditioning repair Tampa may be needed, and a professional service check is highly recommended. 

Whether you do some of the work yourself or a reputable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company does it for you, the following are some of the ways to be sure your HVAC system is ready for summer.

Filter, Filter, Filter!

The most important component of ongoing HVAC maintenance is replacing the air filter when it gets dirty. Changing the air filter every three months at most is recommended by leading experts. The following are some of the negative results of operating your AC with a dirty filter:

  • When the AC filter is clogged with debris and dirt, airflow is obstructed. This increases the workload on the HVAC system. Wear and tear on the unit are increased. When the filter is changed, air can move freely and the system doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • When air filters are old, they begin to deteriorate. As a result, fibers and debris can be released directly into the AC system’s moving parts, sometimes resulting in a mechanical breakdown.
  • When AC filters aren’t replaced as needed, it affects air quality and can cause respiratory issues to be worsened. Using the recommended AC filter will ensure improved indoor air quality by screening out dust, pollutants, and particulates.

Condensation Lines

Condensation systems in ACs consist of a condensate line, a drain pan, and a pump. It is an important part of the AC system because it collects fluids and channels them out of your home. When the system becomes clogged, condensate fluids overflow onto the floor. It’s a mess, but the worst part is that failing to clean the condensate line means that objectionable materials such as mold and bacteria remain in the system. With preventative AC maintenance, you can keep the condensation lines clean and clear, optimize the overall energy efficiency of your AC system, and minimize the need for AC repair Tampa.

Clean the Outside Unit’s Coils

The AC coils on the outside unit of your air conditioning system tend to get dirty. When that happens, it is more difficult for the equipment to transfer heat. As a result, the system is forced to work harder and run longer to cool your home. It uses more energy and leads to premature deterioration of belts, fans, and other system components. Dirty coils are more prone to develop corrosion, resulting in refrigerant leaks. When the amount of refrigerant is reduced, the cooling capacity of the system is also decreased.

Clean the Fins

Cleaning the fins on the outside unit of your HVAC system is a great do-it-yourself maintenance job. It will help to keep your AC system running efficiently. The fins have two key functions, as follows:

  1. Keep the unit safe from debris, weather, and lawn equipment such as weed-whackers and lawnmowers; and
  2. Help move warm air away from the unit.

Check the Concrete Slab and Area Surrounding the Outside Unit

Is the concrete slab underneath the outside AC unit level? It’s impossible for the HVAC system to operate at optimal efficiency when it isn’t level. One way to level the slab is to pry it up using a board and then add some gravel underneath it. Once you’ve leveled the slab, remove the board.

All debris should be removed from around the unit, as well. AC performance is negatively affected if high grass, leaves, plants, and other objects are blocking the flow of air all around the unit. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Everything you can do to ensure the efficiency of your AC system helps to save you money in the long run. If you install a programmable thermostat, though, you don’t have to wait long to begin seeing savings. You can stay comfortable year-round while reducing the cost of heating and cooling with one of these cost-cutting devices.

The following are the top three reasons why you should have a programmable thermostat installed before summer:

  • No one is home for many hours per day on a consistent basis. Your HVAC system can take a break at various times, as programmed, since no one is there to experience temporary drops in the comfort level. Set the system to crank back up and get the house cooled by the time you get home. The programmable thermostat does this automatically, reducing energy costs.
  • If your energy bills are high and you want to cut costs in every way possible, a programmable thermostat can help tremendously.
  • You live someplace with an extreme climate. In Florida, of course, that means the weather gets plenty warm in summer and other seasons of the year, as well. Potentially hazardous levels of heat mean that your HVAC system is a necessity. You can stay cool while cutting cooling costs as much as possible with the technology of a programmable thermostat.

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