As much as you may love Tampa, you probably don’t like the summer weather. Between the high humidity and the hot sun, Tampa summers are brutal. Your air conditioner faces everyday struggles to keep your home cool, and that means it’s more likely to need a repair. If you want to prevent the need for repairs and have Tampa air conditioning companies on speed dial, you can take a few preventative measures.

Change Your Air Filters

How long have you been living in your home? If you moved in more than three months ago, you should know where your filters are and should have changed them out at least once. Every three months, your AC needs to have new or clean filters.
Most systems rely on replaceable filters, which you can find online or in hardware and home stores. In systems with reusable filters, you don’t need to buy new filters. You simply remove the filter, clean it accordingly, and reinstall it. Whichever type of filters you have, there may be multiple ones throughout your home.
Cleaning or changing your filters reduces the need for repairs for two reasons. First, it eases the toll on your system. The particles in dirty filters force your AC to work harder to do its job. All of the extra work comes at a price, and your air conditioner could only be days away from failing. Secondly, some air conditioners completely shut down when they have dirty filters.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Although programmable thermostats have been around for years, some people still don’t have one installed in their homes. To save money on their cooling bills, they turn off their HVAC system when no one is home. Unfortunately, your efforts could be causing you trouble.
When an air conditioner needs to cool a very warm home, it works overtime. The extra work causes unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, which makes it more likely to break down. If you don’t want your HVAC in Tampa to have frequent issues, you should stop manually adjusting your thermostat.
A programmable thermostat makes your life easier and allows your air conditioner to be more efficient. If you just have a standard programmable thermostat, you can keep the temperature at 78 degrees during the day and a cooler temperature at night. But you can make your system even more efficient with a smart thermostat. With the right thermostat, your AC doesn’t waste effort cooling when the home is vacant. Smart thermostats often know your patterns and create customized cooling patterns to optimize your system’s efficiency.

Close Blinds and Drapes

Are you working against your air conditioner? If you keep your blinds and drapes open during the day, you’re overworking your AC. The sun brings heat into your home, which makes your air conditioner work harder to drop the temperature. In the end, this could mean your system needs frequent repairs.
By closing your drapes and blinds during the day, you keep your home cooler and save your air conditioner. As an added benefit, you enjoy lower energy bills.

Call for Repairs ASAP

No one likes to spend money on repairs. So, you might be tempted to put off minor HVAC repairs until they’re necessary. It seems like you’re saving money, but the reality is that you cost yourself in the long term. When you hesitate to make repairs, you do significant damage to your system.
Although you and your HVAC system don’t share much in common, there’s one glaring similarity – problems only get worse if you don’t address them immediately. Consider the example of a tooth cavity. At first, you can live with the inconvenience of having a cavity. You don’t want to go to the dentist, so you put off a dental appointment. As time goes by, your cavity grows and causes pain. Eventually, you go to the doctor, and they need to do a root canal. Had you gone when the cavity first appeared, a filling might have resolved the issue.
The same is true of your AC. What starts as a small issue could result in a major breakdown. When it comes to AC repairs, procrastinating ends up costing you. As soon as you notice a red flag, call an HVAC professional.

Know the Signs of Trouble

Because it’s so important to identify AC issues early on, you should know when your AC is struggling. Common red flags include the following:

  • Strange noises
  • Warm air blowing
  • System runs constantly
  • The temperature never seems right

Pay attention to your AC and be on the lookout for anything abnormal. If you spot something strange, you can call out a technician before you need a major repair.

Receive Regular Maintenance

If you receive regular AC maintenance from a qualified professional, you drastically reduce your chances of needing a repair. Your air conditioner can’t keep you cool if it doesn’t receive any attention. To keep everything working the way it should, you need to have a technician inspect and service your AC.
During a tune-up, a technician looks for problems with the AC. They also lubricate parts, check refrigerant levels, and perform a long checklist of other duties. After receiving thorough maintenance, your AC will run efficiently and may not need any repairs for quite some time.
You can sign up for a regular maintenance plan to ensure you don’t forget about your AC. Whether you receive annual or biannual maintenance, your air conditioner will be better equipped to survive the summer months. Maintenance lowers repair frequency and cost.

Call the Right Tampa Air Conditioning Companies

When the summer arrives, you deserve peace of mind. You could lose sleep worrying about surviving the summer with a failing air conditioner or an unexpected repair bill. By working with an experienced HVAC company, you can rest easy. Here at Comfort All Stars, we work hard to make sure your AC is in great shape. Stop looking for Tampa air conditioning companies and pick up the phone to call us. We’re ready to get started today.

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