Are you tired of waking up to a bump in the night? Those scary noises you hear might not be a ghost or a monster. Instead, it could be your air conditioner. The next time you hear a noise, know that it could be your AC. Find out which noises mean you need AC service in Tampa, and know who to call when your cooling is in trouble.

Your AC Is Hissing

If you think a snake is sneaking up on you, stop worrying. The hissing noise you hear is probably from your air conditioner. Whenever there’s a leak in the system, an air conditioner will make a hissing noise. The escaping air makes a hissing sound, which is loud enough to spook homeowners.

Although you might think your AC is working perfectly, the leaking in your system could cause problems. A leak makes your system work harder, which takes a toll on your AC. If you don’t do anything about the leak, you’ll soon find yourself in need of AC repair in Tampa. And instead of needing a small fix, you could need a costly repair. Failing to fix a hissing AC means your system won’t last as long as it should.

The next time you hear a hiss in your system, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll send out a technician to look for the leak. Once they find it, our technician can repair it right away. The fix will be much simpler than it would be if you let the leak continue unrepaired for months.

Your AC is Screeching

Does it sound like a ghoul is screeching in your home every time the air conditioner kicks on? No, your ducts aren’t haunted. The likely culprit is your AC system itself. Typically, screeching is a sign that a fan belt is loose or worn out.

A screeching noise could also be from the motor on your fan belt. If it’s broken, the motor can make unusual noises. Whichever issue may be causing the noise, you need an experienced professional. The problem will not resolve itself.

Without a working fan belt, air won’t move through your system. Your home won’t cool down, and you’ll be left in discomfort. If you want to keep your AC cooling, you should call a technician when you hear screeching sounds.

It’s worth mentioning that the fan belt is one of the weakest parts of your system. Over time, debris can cause the belt to break. Time also takes a toll on the belt, eventually fraying the essential part. If you maintain your AC, you’re less likely to experience this issue.

Your AC is Banging

Hear that banging? It’s not an intruder banging around your home, or a nosy neighborhood knocking at your door. If you hear a banging noise coming from your AC, there could be a few things going wrong. For one, there could be a loose part in your unit. There could be a bolt, screw, or spring that’s loose. As a result, you can hear a part knocking against the unit.

Another potential issue is a broken motor blower. If this is the case, you’ll need a major repair. To get help fast, you should call a reliable HVAC technician. The sooner you call for help, the sooner you can get your AC back in working order.

Your AC is Humming

When you’re sneaking around your home to look for a humming intruder, you may want to call an AC service in Tampa. The culprit isn’t an unexpected visitor. Instead, it could be your AC system.

Typically, a humming AC comes from dirt in the system. There could be dust or debris obstructing the system’s fan. As the fan moves, the particles cause a spooky sound. To determine if this is the issue, check your exterior AC unit. Are there plants around it? If so, they could be affecting your system. Leaves and dirt could be entering your unit.

You can try to troubleshoot this problem on your own. Remove the top of the unit and wipe away any dust or dirt using a soft cloth. However, you need to do so with care. You should only clean the unit when the AC is powered off, otherwise, you could experience an injury. Furthermore, you could damage the unit if you’re not careful.

Your AC is Bubbling

Think there’s a cauldron of brew bubbling in your AC? Although you probably don’t have a witch brewing a potion in your home, you could have a problem with your AC. When bubbling occurs, there’s likely to be a low refrigerant.

You could have low refrigerant because your AC has been running through it. However, your refrigerant may be low for another reason. You could have a leak in your system, which is harmful to your health.

An issue with your refrigerant is not something you should take lightly. To work with refrigerants, you need certain qualifications. If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak or low refrigerant, contact a licensed technician immediately.

Troubleshooting Your AC Noises

You could stay up all night listening to your AC and trying to figure out what’s wrong. But your time will be wasted, because, no matter what sounds you’re hearing, you need AC repair in Tampa. There are many reasons your cooling system could be making noise. Unless you’ve been trained in HVAC repair, you can’t be certain what the problem is.

Before you call someone for a repair, make a note of a few details. What does the noise sound like? When does it happen? The more information you have, the sooner your technician will be able to fix the problem. It’s important to call a company you trust and one that will be there when you need them.

Call an AC Service in Tampa

Are you ready to make your eerie noises quiet? You don’t need to call an exorcist or ghost hunters. To silence your noises, call a reliable AC service in Tampa. Contact us at Comfort All-Stars if you’re ready to take action.

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