Did you know that the average American homeowner spends $3,018 each year on home repairs?
Homeowners are responsible for all the repairs their homes need, and most need repairs multiple times a year. Some repairs might be minor issues, while others might be emergency needs.
People can hire multiple contractors to fix these issues, but many turn to a handyman. After all, a handyman can fix just about anything.
If you need several repairs around your house, hiring a handyman might be the best option, but you might wonder how to choose one.
You’ll want to choose the one you can trust, and that knows all kinds of home repairs. So, keep reading this guide to learn how to find a reliable, trustworthy, reputable one in your area.

Learn What a Handyman Does

First, you might wonder what a handyman is and what they do. That’s a good question to answer if you don’t already know.
A handyman is a worker that fixes anything and everything. Handy people don’t specialize in just one task, such as electrical repairs. Instead, they can fix anything from electrical issues to plumbing repairs.
If you hire a person that can fix every issue, you won’t have to hire multiple contractors for the repairs. Therefore, people hire handymen when they have several problems that require professional repair services.

Make a List of the Repairs Needed

When you need handyman services, you’ll need a handyman. An excellent way to start your search for the right one is by making a list of the repairs you need.
You might instantly think of a few of the top repairs you need, but there might be more. To create a comprehensive list, you might want to walk through each room of your house and look around and think.
As you do this, you might discover more repairs you need. Additionally, you might think of questions to ask a handyman.
For example, if your AC system runs too much, you might wonder if there is anything you can do to improve its efficiency. A handyman can find the answers to this and give you tips.
The purpose of creating a list is to ensure that you find someone that can tackle every task on your list. If you hire one that can’t fix everything, you’ll need to hire another company to fix the other things.

Search Your Area and Ask for Referrals

You can start your search for local handyman services by looking up “handyman near me.” Additionally, you can ask your friends if they’ve ever hired one.
You might find just a few companies that offer these services if you live in a small town. However, if you live in a larger city, such as Tampa, you’ll find many.
If your relatives or friends give you referrals, you might want to pursue those leads first. If they don’t, you can read the reviews about companies online to learn more about their services and reputations.

Talk to a Handyman

At this point, you might have a few handymen on your list. The next step you can take is to contact a local handyman to talk to them. You can contact several if you’d like.
When you talk to them, you can ask questions. For example, you can ask if they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. It’s always wise to hire one that is.
Next, you can talk about the items on your list to see if they can fix them. If they can’t, you might want to contact a different one. After all, you’ll want to hire one that can fix everything on your list.

Ask for References

Another excellent step to take is to ask for references. One of the best ways to judge a company’s services is by talking to its customers. Their customers will tell you the things you want to know.
For example, you can ask if the handyman was on time. Additionally, you can ask if they’re happy with the services and if they’ll hire them again.
You might want to make a list of questions before contacting their references to ensure that you ask the right things.

Get Quotes

When you find a handyman, you’d like to try, you can ask for a quote. What is the average handyman’s hourly rate, you might wonder? The answer varies.
You can ask a handyman about the rates when you call them, but you can also ask for quotes.
Some handymen might charge a specific rate per hour plus a service call fee. However, others might quote the price by the work you need.

Try Them Out

The final thing you can do is hire a handyman service to try them out. Instead of hiring them to complete everything on your list, you might want to hire them to complete just a few tasks.
For example, if you need AC maintenance to ensure that your system is running properly before summer hits, you could hire them for that.
After trying the handyman’s services, you can decide if you’re happy with them. If so, you’ll have the perfect handyman to call anytime you need home repairs or maintenance.

Contact Us When You Need Repairs

Keeping up with the repairs and maintenance your home needs is vital if you own a house, and you can hire a handyman to fix most things. You can choose the right one by following these tips.
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