Tampa AC Installation

    Your air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances in your home or business. Without it, the summer heat would go from uncomfortable to unbearable. From humid days and nights to scorching temperatures and higher humidity, your air conditioner can help you and your family breathe easier.

    Air Conditioning Installation Tampa, FL

    Bringing a smile to your face and a shiver up your spine, nothing beats a cold blast of air conditioning. It’s an instant cure for the summer heat.

    But what happens when your old ac unit keeps racking up the energy bills or doesn’t want to work anymore? Simple. You’ll need a newer energy-efficient unit installed by a professional HVAC company.
    When it comes time to hire an expert for your AC installation needs in Tampa, FL, give Comfort All-Stars a call. We’ll show you why our professional technicians are some of Tampa’s most trusted AC installation specialists.

    Signs You Need AC Replacement and Installation

    Making sure your family is comfortable all year round starts with the right air conditioner. If you’re a homeowner in need of a new AC, there are certain signs to look out for that can help you decide whether or not it’s time to replace your system or upgrade it with ductless mini-splits.

    Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you could use a new unit:
    • Limited Airflow or Warm Air – If your AC unit is over 10 years old and does not cool as it used to before it might be time to invest in a new unit.
    • Buildup of Moisture – All AC units build up moisture, but efficient AC units can handle the humidity. However, collecting around the unit could signal a refrigerant leak. If the problem persists, mold might form posing a health risk to your family or business.
    • Old AC Unit – Nothing lasts forever including your AC unit. If your unit has been in use for over 10 years, it might be time to replace your unit.
    • Frequent Repairs – If your AC constantly needs repairs during summer, that’s a tell-tale sign that you need AC replacement. After all, all that money used up on ac repairs might total to a new unit.
    • High Energy Bills – When it comes to AC units’ energy efficiency is paramount. If your AC unit is using more energy each summer, you might want to invest in a newer energy-efficient unit.

    We’re Here for You

    We're Here for YouWhether you have a new build or an older home, you may need a new air conditioning system. But getting a new AC is an overwhelming process. First, you need to pick the right system. With many options to choose from, you could struggle to find the right air conditioner. Our technicians can help you pick a system that meets all of your needs.

    After you decide on the system you want, our certified technicians will install your system within no time. Once the installations are complete, your new AC will bring more efficiency and require fewer repairs during summer. You can trust us to handle your installation.

    We provide installation of new systems whether in new residential construction or supplemental systems for existing structures. Our experts can help you choose the right system for your needs and install it promptly to your complete satisfaction.

    Learn About Our Air Conditioning Installation Services in Tampa, FL

    Don’t settle for a standard air conditioning installation. Our Comfort All-Stars service technicians have the experience and necessary equipment to provide an exceptional ac installation in Tampa, FL. We start with a site inspection to determine any factors that could impact cooling and create a customized plan for installation. So, you enjoy the ultimate comfort.

    Learn About Our Air Conditioning Installation Services in Tampa, FL
    Our AC installation comes in 3 easy steps:
    • During the initial consultation, we ask you about your cooling system and how well it keeps your space cool.
    • Next, we recommend the best air conditioner based on your needs
    • Finally, our NATE-certified help you to pick the right AC unit for your home or office, and installation begins.

    With a professional ac installation company like Comfort All-Stars by your side, you will have the installations done in no time.

    Your Comfort Is Our Comfort

    The ideal air conditioner for you will be based on its size, cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and ventilation capabilities. For instance, some models are designed to vent exclusively outdoors, while others can be installed in windowless rooms. Here at Comfort All-Stars, we ensure that your home is not only cool but also comfortable all year round.

    You won’t find a better value for air conditioning installation in Tampa, FL than you will get from Comfort All-Stars. We work around your schedule and budget to ensure that you get the best cooling system for your home.

    Your Trusted Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals

    The AC installation pros from Comfort All-Stars have been installing home cooling equipment for more than 49 years, so you can trust us to find the perfect fit for your space. From basic AC repair and maintenance to complete system replacements, we offer a full menu of heating and cooling services. Happy homeowners across the Tampa, FL, area have relied on our dependable technicians for decades.

    For years clients have trusted us for our:
    • 2 Year Repair Guarantee
    • Locally Owned/ Operated Shop
    • Upfront and Affordable Pricing
    • Community Involvement
    • Christian Values
    • And Background Checked NATE-Certified Technicians

    Schedule Your AC Installation Today

    There are many reasons to choose Comfort All-Stars for your AC installation. We have a wealth of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients in town, and outstanding local references you can contact. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with your new air conditioning system, and we will go the extra mile for you until you are satisfied with the results. Our certified technicians will explain your options so it’s easy for you to choose the heating and cooling system that best suits your needs and budget. Call or email us today and schedule your installation or repair for a convenient time in Tampa, FL, and we’ll be sure to take great care of you and your home. Not looking for AC installation? We also provide expert heating installation services.

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