Who is All Star Andy?

All-Star Andy was born a long time ago to a Papa who worked in a factory making hand-turned baseball bats and other sports equipment, while Mama sold popcorn at the games and was known for her perfect and buttery popcorn. Always exemplifying how to be a good team member and giving it your best, Andy is the best member of any team. Andy and his best friend Jarvis love sports and all the fun that comes with it, but Andy’s real passion is promoting the trades. Andy believes in honoring God with your work, Andy is always on time, never takes shortcuts, and always goes the extra mile to serve our customers and his teammates. We strive to bat a thousand each and every time!
All-Star Andy

Fun Things About All-Star Andy!

All Star Andy’s Walk-Up Song

(All-Star – Smash Mouth) “Hey now, you’re an All Star…” Andy acts as if he’s practicing swinging a bat and stretching.

All-Star Andy’s Achilles Heel

If anyone yells “Strike Three” to All-Star Andy he covers his eyes and shakes his head as if he is disappointed. This can be taught over time if the Assistant (and other Comfort All-Star team members) do this in public when Andy is present.

All-Star Andy’s Power Pose

If someone yells “Batter up!”, Andy puts both hands on his hips, widens his stance, pokes his jaw out, and then dramatically points towards the outfield and does two practice swings.

All-Star Andy’s Autograph

Andy brings his “baseball cards” to all events and signs his autograph as an “A” and a “star” shape close together. His “stats” on the back of the card are actually the benefits of joining the Maintenance Club.

All-Star Andy’s “Voice”

Andy doesn’t actually speak, but covers his mouth with both hands and shakes his head when spoken to by others. If he needs to celebrate, it’s all with exaggerated movements, no words. This ensures multiple people can play the part.

All-Star Andy’s “Wave”

Andy waves with one hand and immediately follows it with a swing of a bat motion.

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