‘Tis the season to think about your AC. But why should you pay attention to your air conditioner now, when it’s been resting all winter long? There are several reasons you should worry about your AC, and no reason not to call an air conditioning service in Tampa for help.

The End of Winter Means the Start of AC Season

The winter and spring often blend. Even though spring and summer have specific start dates, the weather doesn’t follow the calendar. As winter comes to an end, you can expect warm weather to arrive on any day. And this means you never know when you’ll need your air conditioner.

Unfortunately, your AC might not be ready when you need it. Imagine this scenario. It’s the first warm day of the year, and your home is heating up. You open the windows and doors, but it’s warmer outside than it is inside. To get some relief, you turn on the AC. Unfortunately, nothing happens. There’s no cool air blowing from your vents, and your home remains hot. For relief, you need to call someone for AC repair in Tampa, FL.

If you don’t want to be left in the lurch, you need to prepare your AC. It’s the only way to know your system will be able to handle the upcoming season’s demands.

The Challenges of Winter

During the winter, your air conditioner might not do much work. But that doesn’t mean your AC doesn’t have any challenges in the winter. All of the following could take a toll on your air conditioner during the colder months:

Debris in the Condenser

As the leaves fall from the trees, the exterior of your AC becomes vulnerable. Leaves, branches, and other debris can make their way into your condenser unit. The debris could keep your system from working at all or might decrease your cooling system’s efficiency. In either case, your AC will suffer.

The Elements

Although your AC may not cool your home in the winter, it does face significant exposure to the elements. Ice, snow, and wind could damage your air conditioner. Because the blades in the condenser are thin, they’re vulnerable to bending. After a harsh winter, your system may not be in good shape.


Time takes a toll on every air conditioning system. So, even though you may not use your AC when it’s cold, the system still ages. Your ducts collect debris, and your AC could show signs of wear and tear. If it’s close to the end of the system’s lifespan, you might need to replace it before the season changes.

Saving Money by Acting Early

Your AC system might not immediately fail you if you forget to give it attention. However, there are several ways in which providing maintenance to your AC system can save you money.

First, there’s the fact that the company for AC repair in Tampa, FL isn’t very busy before the summer hits. Because other people tend to ignore their AC in the winter and spring, the maintenance and repair companies tend to be quiet. You might be able to take advantage of coupons and specials before AC season arrives.

You also get savings by preventing the need for repairs. When you maintain your AC, you minimize the need for repairs. As long as you have a reputable professional handle your repairs, your AC will be in good shape. The technician can identify issues before they lead to a major problem. The minimal cost of maintenance is nothing compared to the savings you get by preventing a massive repair.

Finally, you save money on the upcoming energy bills. In the winter, you probably experience a drop in your energy bills. But that won’t last for long. Once the warm weather arrives, your AC use will cause your power bill to rise. One way to reduce the cost of your AC is to perform regular maintenance. The maintenance keeps your system efficient, which saves you money.

How Should You Care for Your AC?

Now that you know the value of thinking about AC maintenance, you might be wondering what that means for you. What exactly is AC maintenance? Taking care of your air conditioner isn’t as easy as you might think. It involves more than just changing your filters out. While it’s essential to change out your filters every few months, there are other crucial duties.

Unfortunately, most of those duties are best left to a professional. When you hire an expert for maintenance, they do all of the following:

Check Your Filters

If you haven’t been diligent about changing your filters, you can count on a technician to do it. They’ll examine your filters and determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

Check Your Condenser and Coils

An obstruction in your evaporator coils or condenser can cause serious issues for your system. During an inspection, the technician will make sure there is no debris in the AC condenser and coils, and they will clean the parts.

Check Refrigerant

When a refrigerant leak occurs, your system is bound to fail. Even worse, the leaking refrigerant could be a health hazard. Your technician will check the refrigerant level and identify any leaks.

Check Electrical Connections

Over time, the electrical connections within your system may loosen. A maintenance call allows the technician to check those connections and tighten them.

Clean the Condensate Pan

The evaporator coils put off moisture. When the moisture drains, it goes into the condensate pan and the drain. If there’s debris or algae in the drain, the water will pool. Your technician will clean the pan and the drain to prevent a blockage.

Lubricate Motors

The compression motors and the fan could burn out if there isn’t enough lubrication. With professional maintenance, you can ensure the AC components have enough lubrication.

Who to Call for Your Air Conditioning Service in Tampa?

When you need an air conditioning service in Tampa to perform your regular maintenance, who will you call? You can trust our team at Comfort All-Stars to provide high-quality maintenance to your AC. Call now to learn more.

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