Are you worried that your air conditioning will go out right when the hottest months in Tampa begin? Do you fear that your Oldsmar property’s HVAC system has a major repair coming it’s way? If so, then you need to learn all you can about hiring the right HVAC company for the job.

Not only can hiring the right HVAC company help repair your system, but it can also help prevent a major repair in the first place through proper maintenance!

See below for an in-depth guide on the most important questions you should be asking any HVAC company in Tampa before you hire them.

  1. Do You Have Business Insurance?
    We’re willing to bet you weren’t expecting this question on this list. Quite frankly, you should never hire an HVAC company (or any business, really) without first ensuring they have business insurance coverage in place.

    No matter how long the company has been in service or how much training its staff is put through, there will always be risks associated with the service. Without business insurance, you could be left to pay for the damage and/or injuries.

    For example, a worker might slip on your floor and injure themselves in the process. If the HVAC service you hired doesn’t have workers’ compensation, then you might be left to pay for that workers’ medical bills, loss of wages, etc.

    It’s important to ask the Tampa HVAC company what kind of coverage they have. Do they have business liability to protect you from an error in their services? Do they have workers’ comp to cover any injuries that their technicians might sustain?

    Here at Comfort All-Stars, we’re fully licensed and insured. When you hire us, you can have full peace of mind. We train our entire staff on how to perform services safely as well as, heaven forbid, how to respond in an emergency.

  2. Do You Have References I Can Contact?
    What if you could get a peek behind the curtain before you hired an AC repair company? Fortunately, that’s possible by simply asking one question: who are some client references I can contact?

    Every HVAC company worth anything has satisfied clients they’ll be happy to connect you with. These references will give you a more detailed look at what differentiates the Tampa HVAC company from others and why you should hire them.

    That said, client references can be a bit biased. For all you know, the company owner gave you the email and number of their cousin. Even when they do send you to clients, they certainly won’t send you to one that had a bad experience (if any).

    For that reason, we suggest that you also read through online reviews. The collective voice of an HVAC company’s online reviews will tell you all you need to know. Get answers to these questions:

    • Do the clients seem satisfied with the level of service they received?
    • How long has the client used this HVAC company?
    • What repairs did they hire the HVAC company to perform? How did it go?
    • What was the turnaround time for the repair?
    • Were there any setbacks when the HVAC company performed a service on their property?
  3. Do You Offer a Warranty?
    Warranties are vitally important in the technician-client relationship. They ensure that the HVAC company is focused on offering quality solutions, not just making a profit.

    Make sure that you understand the details of the warranty before you hire the company. How long does the warranty last? How can you redeem the warranty? What services/products does the warranty apply to? Will there be any fees or charges associated with the warranty?

    When you’re getting a warranty on a replacement, make sure you’re getting a warranty from both the manufacturer of the equipment and the HVAC service. That way, if there is a problem in the future, you can avoid any finger-pointing and get your repair all the faster.

  4. Which Technician Will Be Visiting My Property?
    Some people might fear that this is too nitpicky. However, consider the fact that a company with 25 years of service might dispatch a technician with only 2 years of experience to your house. Does the company’s 25 years of experience do you any good in that scenario?

    If the company trains their staff properly, then they’ll have no problem telling you about the technician they’re sending to look at your system.

    If you aren’t in an emergency, you might even consider scheduling an appointment to ensure you get one of their best technicians to perform the air conditioning inspection, repair, etc.

  5. How Long Will the Service Take?
    Granted, an HVAC company can’t know this for certain until they’ve had a look at your system. That’s why we recommend scheduling an assessment first.

    This assessment allows us to inspect your system, look for any issues, and present you with a solution for how to fix them. From there, we can give you a clear quote and estimated turnaround time for the service that’s needed.

    From this point on, we can be your go-to resource for your entire system. We’ll schedule bi-annual checkups to ensure that your Tampa property’s HVAC system has longevity.

Hire the Best Tampa HVAC Company for the Job

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of questions to ask the Tampa HVAC company that you are considering, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Are you worried about your home’s air ducts? If so, then take the time to read this article for more information on the signs you need to call an air duct cleaning service. To get started, contact us at 813-527-9146 and we’ll help you resolve any HVAC issues you’re having.

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