Wear and tear take a toll on properties and requires repairs or maintenance; your wiring system is no exception. Electrical wiring systems in older houses can run into problems, putting your home and family in danger through the various risks of electricity. Electrical issues are often caused by defective wiring. Therefore, to prevent serious problems from developing on your property, it is imperative to get your home rewired. The wiring system is fitted behind walls or inside floors and basements, so it can be difficult to spot any issues easily. However, various signs indicate your home needs rewiring. Here are some of them.

1. Old Wiring

If you have an old house, it is best to rewire it. As much as you love the features of your old home, the property’s wiring cannot suit today’s appliances and electrical needs. Old electrical wiring systems can also pose a fire risk. A study shows that old wiring causes 10% of residential fires. An experienced electrician can inspect your property and recommend the best action.

2. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are one of the main reasons you should get your home rewired. Lighting circuits use lower-rated wires than other circuits. So, if the wiring has an issue, they’ll be the first to show signs. Lights can dim and flicker when the bulb needs to be changed or is not connected properly. Sometimes, this flickering can mean a more serious problem with the wiring system, especially when the lights are properly fixed. The wires can deteriorate with time and cause issues with your lighting, particularly outdated electrical wires, such as knob and tube wiring and aluminum, which are considered fire hazards.

Sometimes, you may not experience the flickering or dimming of lights, but you notice that your lightbulbs are burning out of their sockets. This is a more significant problem with your wiring. Because lights are the most visible signs of an electrical problem, if they burn out, it is a sign that you need to rewire your home.

3. You Have Aluminum or Knob and Tube Wiring

If your home has electrical wiring other than copper, it may face several problems, such as overheating. Aluminum wiring was previously used for home wiring because copper wasn’t available. However, copper is now accessible, affordable, and the best option for your home’s wiring. Expert electricians can identify aluminum wiring in your home’s system using the letters ALUM or AL. Signs that you have aluminum wiring include strange or scorching smells at outlets.

Knob and tube wiring, or open wiring, can be found in old houses built in the 1950s. These wiring systems do not include a ground wire, so you cannot use electrical appliances with three plugs. However, this wiring system is not necessarily unsafe, but replacing it with another one is best. An experienced professional can properly assess your aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring systems and tell you whether you need rewiring.

4. Outlet Problems

Discoloration of outlets, such as switches, can indicate a loose connection. It also means your home needs to be rewired. A switch can start to turn brown and blacken because of sparks of fire caused by a loose connection. A burning smell can accompany this discoloration. In such a case, switching the power off and calling an electrician is important. Another problem with outlets is that they can expose naked wires, which are extremely dangerous. Outlet issues show that your home needs electrical rewiring.

5. You’re Shocked by Electricity

Electric shocks may occur when you plug in an appliance or turn a switch on or off. You may also notice electric sparks at the electrical outlets. Even minor electric shocks are unsafe; an electric shock can lead to memory loss or numbness. A severe shock can cause death because it results in extensive muscle contractions and heart and respiratory failure. When you’re shocked, it is a sign that your home’s wiring system needs to be replaced.

6. Circuit Breaker Tripping Consistently

Circuit breakers trip to prevent electrical damage. This usually happens when the electricity passing exceeds what it should cope with. When a circuit breaker trips consistently, it indicates that one circuit or one of your appliances has an issue. It can be fixed by getting your home rewired.

7. Renovations

A full renovation of your home will often involve ruining the property, which may expose your electrical wires. You should rewire your home because various fixtures and electrical wiring systems will often be moved around during renovations. After all other renovations, you can call an electrician so your new wiring system will not be destroyed.

8. Usage Changes

Your electrical wiring system is okay if it transfers the electricity according to your appliances’ needs. You need to change your wiring if your new appliances need more electricity than your old ones. In most cases, this would not require a total rewiring of your entire property; however, if enough of your property needs rewiring, it may make sense to have it done all at once, giving you peace of mind that everything is up to code.

9. After A Fire, Flood, or Natural Disaster

Fires, floods, and other natural calamities can affect your electrical wiring. These events can expose electrical wires, threatening your family’s and pets’ lives. An experienced electrician can assess your home after a calamity and recommend whether or not you need complete rewiring.

10. Burning Smells

If there is a continuous burning smell in your home, it might be caused by your electrical wiring. Faulty and loose connections can cause your wires to short circuit, leading to burning smells. Sometimes, you cannot see any signs of burning on your outlets and sockets; chances are that the problem happens behind your walls. Either way, you should look for an electrician to rewire your home.

11. Power Fluctuations

Power or voltage fluctuations change the voltage or power supply to electrical appliances. Persistent power fluctuations can affect the performance of electrical appliances in your home. Wiring issues can cause power fluctuations. Your electrical wiring may be damaged and cannot conduct electricity continuously. Persistent power fluctuations are also a sign that you must rewire your house.

Rely on Experienced Professionals

Your property’s electrical wiring is essential to your home; it supplies light and keeps your appliances running. Therefore, you need to keep your wiring safe. You may require complete rewiring to improve your energy efficiency and reduce the chances of fire. Comfort All-Stars provides reliable HVAC and electrical services in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas. Our skilled HVAC technicians, licensed electricians, and customer service experts treat customers with care and integrity. We explain to our customers the types of heating and air conditioning services available these days before doing any work. Our cooling and heating system tune-ups help you save energy and have a comfortable home.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to get your home rewired, call Comfort All-Stars today.

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