These days, seeing electric vehicles on the roads here in Tampa Bay, FL, is common. Unfortunately, seeing public EV charging stations isn’t as common. Public EV charging stations are scattered, sometimes inconvenient locations that may or may not be in unsecured properties. Also, most public EV charging stations are owned by the same power companies that supply residential and commercial properties, creating a monopoly and controlling prices. That leaves EV owners in the area to compete for scarce charging infrastructure. It also means that range anxiety makes prospective EV owners worry about giving up their gasoline-powered vehicles. Of course, there’s a solution to that. It’s to install an EV charging station right in your home so you’ll never have to worry about having a place to plug in. Here are six great benefits of installing a home EV charging station.

1. Eliminate Range Anxiety

When you’re driving a gasoline-powered vehicle, you probably don’t give much thought to the possibility that you might run out of gas and get stuck somewhere. Our neighborhoods and highways are practically built around gas stations, so you’re never that far away from a place to fill up. For EV owners, that’s not the case. Independent estimates indicate that only around 410 public charging ports are available in the Tampa Bay area. And since a single EV may sit plugged into each one for significant amounts of time, running out of power with nowhere to charge is a distinct possibility.

If you install an EV charging station in your home, however, you won’t have to worry about your EV’s range. Home EV chargers use Level 2 charging technology, which means they can fully charge most EVs in about 8 hours. Therefore, every overnight charge gives you a full battery, which, on average, will give you about 300 miles of range, depending on your EV. So, unless you’re going on a long trip out of the city, you’ll have more than enough power to make it through each day.

2. Save Money on Charging

Another benefit of installing a home EV charger is saving money on keeping your battery charged. Your home’s electricity rate is significantly lower than you’d pay at a public charging station. The average home pays roughly 11.42¢/kWh for electricity in the Tampa Bay area. By contrast, the average electricity rate at a public charger here is about 14.76¢/kWh. Plus, some charging stations tack on fees on top of your charging costs. The net result is that charging your EV using public infrastructure can cost you twice as much or more. And a home EV charger can help you save even more on top of that. You can also take advantage of time-of-use rate plans to save even more money if you charge your EV at home during the correct times of day.

3. It’s Better for Your EV Battery

If you’re like most people, you aren’t too keen about having to wait at a public charging station while your EV recharges. As a result, you’d likely look for a fast charger when you’re out in public to minimize your downtime. However, if you use them often, Level 3 fast chargers can wear down your EV’s battery.

The reason is that fast charging means pushing higher voltages into your battery, which generates extra heat. That heat can degrade your EV’s battery cells and rob it of range over time. Although it won’t destroy your EV, why sacrifice your battery capacity when you can install a home EV charger to keep your vehicle safely topped up daily? A Level 2 home EV charging station gives you the perfect mix of speed and enhanced battery life. It may even extend the useful life of your EV by helping its battery retain its maximum capacity for longer.

4. It’s Better for the Environment

Here in Tampa Bay, the threat posed by climate change isn’t theoretical. It’s already apparent. According to insurance data, over 44% of Tampa Bay properties already face significant flooding risks, and that number continues to rise. Unfortunately, gasoline-powered vehicles are a significant part of what’s driving climate change. EVs are better for the environment because you can pair them with renewable electricity to eliminate their carbon footprint.

The best way to do that is by using a home EV charging station. Then, you can choose a green energy provider for your home and be confident that charging your EV isn’t harming the environment. Or, you can install a solar power system on your home to pair with your charging station to have even more control over where your EV’s power comes from.

5. It Increases Your Home’s Value

According to most experts, EVs will replace gas-powered vehicles as the most common vehicles in America by 2027. As a result, homebuyers increasingly see home EV charging infrastructure as a must-have for any new home they buy. So, when you install a home EV charger, you will increase the value of your home. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homes with EV chargers sell for an average of $15,000 more than homes without. Plus, the closer we get to 2027, the more attractive a feature a home charger will become, so there’s every reason to believe that number will continue to increase.

6. You Can Unlock Advanced Charging Features

Finally, installing a home EV charging station can unlock advanced charging features you wouldn’t otherwise. This is because many of today’s best home EV charging stations connect to your home’s network and provide you app-based control over them. They can give you detailed charging reports for your EV and help you keep track of how much energy you’re using. They can allow you to schedule charge times to help you avoid interfering with other energy-hungry tasks in your home. Some can even integrate with a solar power system to let you use your EV as a backup power source for your home when the sun isn’t shining and grid power fails. Plus, they can notify you about your EV’s charging status by sending notifications from your phone. That way, you can move on to other tasks while your car charges without pausing to check on it.

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