You may have considered installing a ductless mini-split system from Comfort All-Stars if you’re searching for a means to heat or cool your house without having to deal with ductwork. Mini splits are easy to control, versatile, and have low energy consumption. However, you may be curious about how to incorporate them into your home’s design. Whether your mini-split’s air handler is mounted on the wall, the floor, or the ceiling, there are many creative ways to hide it.

Floor-mounted Air Handler

A floor-mounted air handler is usually installed close to the floor and along a wall or under a window. It is perfect for rooms with low ceilings or limited wall space. You can disguise your floor-mounted air handler in a few different ways.

Add Plants

To give your air handler a fresher and more natural appearance, surround it with some potted flowers or plants. Plants can also enhance indoor air quality and aid in air purification. However, plants should not be placed too close to your air handler, as they may drop water or shed leaves that could cause damage.

Establish a Focal Point

You can make your room’s focal point work to draw attention from your air handler. You may, for instance, hang a big painting, wall clock, or a mirror above the mini split. You can also arrange some lamps, carpets, and pillows that may create a focal point while making the room feel cozy and welcoming.

Use a Bench

Place a bench in front of the air handler to conceal it from view. You can choose an upholstered, metal, or wooden bench that matches the color of your floor or furniture style. The bench can be used as a place to sit or store items. However, make sure that the bench does not obstruct your unit’s airflow or remote-control sensor.

Use a Screen or Room Divider

One effective way to conceal an air handler without covering it is with a screen or room divider. You can put a screen or room divider a few feet away as long as there is sufficient space in front of the unit for both the remote sensor and the airflow. The screen also divides your room into separate regions and creates some privacy.

Choose a screen or room divider that forms a visual barrier and blends in with the room’s color and style. For instance, you can use a folding screen that is simple to move or adjust, or you can use a decorative screen with a pattern or design that goes well with the layout of the room.

Ceiling-mounted Air Handler

A ceiling-mounted air handler is installed on the ceiling, typically in the middle of the space or close to a corner. It works best in places with high ceilings or big open areas. It may, however, be easily visible if it contrasts with the color or pattern of your ceiling. Your ceiling-mounted air handler can be disguised in a number of creative ways.

Paint It Carefully

You can paint the cover of your air handler to match the color or style of your ceiling. For instance, you could use multicolored paint to complement a patterned ceiling or use beige or white paint to blend it in with a plain ceiling. Just ensure that you are using paint appropriate for metal surfaces and that you don’t obstruct the vents and the temperature sensor of the unit.

Use a Ceiling Medallion

Make or buy a ceiling medallion that fits around your air handler. A ceiling medallion is an ornamental element that gives your ceiling style and sophistication. You can select a ceiling medallion that matches the design of your room, whether it be rustic, modern, or traditional. Just make sure not to block the unit.

Install Some Lights

To create a bright and warm appearance, you may put some lighting fixtures around your air handler. For example, you can utilize chandeliers, pendant lights, or recessed lights to illuminate the room. Dimmers and smart bulbs can also be used to change the color and brightness of your lights and draw attention away from the air handler. However, lights that are too close to your unit should be avoided, as they could produce glare or heat that may affect your air handler.

Wall-mounted Air Handler

This unit is mounted on the wall, typically above a door or window. Due to its ease of installation and maintenance, this type of air handler installation is the most popular and most common one. Since it might distract from the color or texture of your wall, a wall-mounted handler can also be the hardest to camouflage. However, there are ways to conceal the system.

Use a Shelf

A shelf may camouflage an air handler. Choose a shelf that complements the color and design of the room and the wall to make it blend in and prevent attention from being drawn to the air handler. Install the shelf either above or below your air handler to make extra space for display and storage. To make it appear like a part of your wall, fill it with books, periodicals, or trinkets. You can also use some hooks, bins, or baskets to arrange your belongings. However, keep heavy or fragile goods off the shelf because they could fall or break if your air handler vibrates or malfunctions.

Use a Mural

You may paint a mural or wall art to create a unique, stunning look around your air handler. Choose a mural that complements your wall decor or color, such as an abstract, a portrait, or a landscape. You can also use a mural to showcase your creativity and uniqueness in addition to camouflaging your air handler. Make sure not to paint over the vents or your unit’s temperature sensor.

Camouflaging the Outside Unit

Camouflaging the outside unit is an easier task than trying to make the indoor air handler less conspicuous. You don’t need to paint it or install shelves around it. A porous screen or fence placed in front of it does the job nicely. If you want to add some natural beauty to the location, install a trellis in front of the unit that includes flowering vines or hanging flowerpots. The goal is not to block airflow.

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